PXID teaches you how to quickly choose a good electric scooter

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Electric scooters are fashionable, light and practical, and are liked by more and more young people. More and more brands have begun to enter the market. The price ranges from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. The product quality varies from good to bad, and there are certain safety risks. , It is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge good or bad. Now I will tell you how to quickly select a good electric scooter!
1. Look at the scale and qualifications of the manufacturing company
Some companies do not have the ability to produce electric scooters, and they are often OEM production in small manufacturers, while large-scale manufacturing companies are often national high-tech enterprises with strong technical research and development capabilities and production capabilities, and they have established a set of strict quality Management system, implementation of ISO-9000 or ISO-14000 international quality system standards, standard production process, strict quality control from raw material procurement to finished product delivery, product quality is relatively trustworthy.
2. Look at the product authoritative certification
At present, there is no national unified standard for electric scooters, only the standards set by each manufacturer. Product safety issues cause spontaneous combustion or fire incidents to occur from time to time. The editor also urges consumers to choose not only whether they are certified, but also which international authoritative organizations they have obtained. International certification standards are relatively objective and rigorous.
PXID teaches you how to quickly choose a good electric scooter
3. Look at product design
A good electric scooter can be expressed in various details. It must be closely integrated with functionality and design. The appearance is highly recognizable. A comfortable riding experience runs through every detail, even in color. You have more choices to make electric scooters easy to use and beautiful.
 A good user experience here focuses on the shock absorption performance and control system. Shock absorption is to ensure that users have a better riding experience on bumpy roads. Most electric scooters are not equipped with a shock absorption system, mainly relying on tires to absorb shock. Air tires have better shock absorption effects, and solid tires have better shock absorption. The effect is relatively inferior to that of air tires, but it will not blow out. This requires consumers to make trade-offs when buying.
4. Look at the selection
First of all, it is different from the others in the selection of materials, and the selection of high-quality materials is the basis. The two core components of electric scooters are the battery and the motor. As the heart of the electric scooter, the battery directly affects the endurance and service life of the scooter. The motor is the engine of a car, which affects the running power of the car. At present, the market mainly uses brushless motors, which have strong controllability and low noise, but the high-speed and high-temperature-resistant magnetic steel brushless motors are the best. They can withstand high temperatures of 120 degrees and can be used for a long time. No degaussing, no weakening, strong durability. Therefore, generally speaking, large enterprises or well-known brands have long-term business philosophy and will choose formal battery and motor manufacturers to cooperate.
Whether you are an office worker or a cool young person, you must not blindly follow the trend when buying to avoid falling into the misunderstanding of the purchase. It is necessary to understand the manufacturer's production scale and certification qualifications, and focus on the material, structure and function, etc., and buy one Only a good electric scooter can bring real convenience to our lives!