The electric car has to go down and push after the traffic lights?

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Recently, as the management of electric vehicles is becoming more and more stringent, many places have introduced management methods for electric vehicles, such as the previous "One Helmet and One Belt" safety protection operation, the electric bicycle management regulations in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and electric bicycles. The licensing and so on have attracted the attention of many people. The promulgation of every management method for electric vehicles has a bearing on the lives of many people.
Indeed, in the short ten years of development of electric vehicles in my country, the number has reached a staggering 300 million, and it is still increasing. The reason why everyone loves to use electric vehicles is that they are small, flexible, simple, and easy to operate. The products are of high quality and low price, and the cost of use is very low, so many middle and low-income people can afford it. It is precisely because of the large number of electric vehicles and the wide range of use that, in order to better manage electric vehicles, relevant departments have frequently introduced new regulations in recent years.
Recently, new regulations for electric vehicles have come again. Many areas require electric vehicles to cross the road and must be pushed away, which has attracted the attention of many people. According to the "Regulations", we can learn that when electric bicycles and bicycles pass through a zebra crossing or a traffic light intersection, the driver must turn off the power switch of the vehicle, and then get off the vehicle to drive the vehicle through the zebra crossing or traffic light intersection. If you do not comply with this regulation, you may face punishments such as oral education or fines.
The electric car has to go down and push after the traffic lights?
When this regulation came out, it caused heated discussions among many car owners. Many people believed that this regulation was unreasonable. Related departments responded to this regulation. There are also many scratching accidents caused by pedestrians or vehicles. In order to eliminate these safety hazards, it is safer for car owners to get off the car. But car owners have different opinions. Some car owners said that although they know it is for everyone’s safety, everyone is now pursuing high-efficiency travel. When crossing a zebra crossing, you should follow the instructions of the traffic lights to quickly pass through the intersection instead of getting off the car, which is a waste of time. There are also car owners who said that when they cross the zebra crossing, because there are pedestrians and turning cars, the speed of the car is very slow, and in order to ensure that they can brake at any time, they will use their left foot to drive against the ground. There will be no safety hazards for vehicles.
In this regard, the editor feels that it is a good starting point for the relevant departments to consider the safety of everyone, and consider the safety and right of way of pedestrians and cars, but it seems that they have forgotten to consider the right of way of electric bikes. Pedestrians, electric vehicles, and cars should all be equal in building a transportation system. When relevant departments formulate management measures, should they take a more comprehensive consideration to truly serve the people?