If two-wheeled electric vehicles disappear, what will urban traffic be like?

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Our country is not the first country where electric bicycles appeared, but it is the country with the highest penetration rate. Almost every family will have one. But compared with other countries, my country’s electric bicycles are very different, because the so-called electric bicycles are also called mopeds. The two-sided pedals of the vehicle are mainly driven by humans and supplemented by electric drives, and the speed will not be too fast. Contrary to our country’s electric bicycles, it is a form of electric drive as the main driving force, supplemented by manual drive. Even more than 80% of the bicycles have no pedals on both sides and the speed is about 60K/H. In this case, it is called an electric bicycle. Not an exaggeration.
In fact, the remediation of electric vehicles did not start recently. It was included in the planning a few years ago. It only started gradually from first- and second-tier cities. The reason for the remediation is that with the popularization of electric vehicles, it has brought great influence to the normal traffic order. Big impact.
Traveling to some southern cities, such as Suzhou, Hangzhou and other civilized cities in the country, you will find that although electric vehicles are everywhere, they have little impact on normal traffic, because those places have strict regulations on electric vehicles on the road:
1. Must be on the card
2. Can't use motor vehicle lanes
3. Must wear a helmet
4. Cannot carry people in the back seat
5. Strictly abide by traffic rules
The benefit from this is that motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles go their own way and drive strictly in accordance with traffic lights, which does not cause much impact and greatly reduces unnecessary safety hazards.
If you live in a third- and fourth-tier city or a small county, you should have a deep understanding of the harm caused by electric vehicles. They feel that they are a disadvantaged group, and they do not take motor vehicles and traffic laws at all. They are full of uncivilized behaviors. :
1. Change lanes at will
2. Running a red light
3. Retrograde
4. Occupy motor vehicle lanes
5. Free parking
6. Turn around and run away in the event of an accident
If two-wheeled electric vehicles disappear, what will urban traffic be like?
This behavior that affects traffic and safety has caused inconvenience to local traffic, so rectification must be carried out, but rectification does not mean cancellation, because the cancellation of electric vehicles will bring more serious consequences, which is tantamount to killing chickens.
Due to geographical reasons, most of our population lives in the central mountainous areas and eastern coastal areas, prefecture-level cities with tens of millions of people and counties with billions of people, and billions of people live in these cities. Once electric vehicles are Cancellation will have serious impacts on people:
1. Traffic becomes more congested
After being cancelled, people will be more inclined to travel in private cars, and the increase in private cars is undoubtedly a need for the already crowded cities.
2. Urban public transportation is overwhelmed
Public transportation includes subways, buses, taxis, and shared bicycles. Most of the city’s buses are fully loaded. If they are cancelled, people’s demand for public transportation will double, and they will not be able to meet the multiplied demand in a short period of time. It was overwhelmed.
3. The slowdown in development
Whether it is a country or a city, it is constantly developing, and the main driving force of development is the continuous labor of people. Once eliminated, it will greatly reduce people's life and work efficiency. If you don’t have a takeaway guy, how do you let people who rely on takeaway work to work, the efficiency will definitely be greatly reduced.
4. Environmental Impact
Increasing private cars and public transportation will not only make roads more congested, but at the same time, their emissions will also cause greater environmental pollution. It is possible that the results of years of pollution control will be wasted. This is obviously not worth the gain.
In addition, the mandatory ban on electric vehicles is out of time. Electric bikes are a means of transportation for many inferior people. Public transportation in many small cities is not developed. It is very inconvenient for workers to go to and from get off work. In the end, everyone is still allowed to ride bicycles. Ask the experts, bicycles. Do you want to ban traffic?
I think that the remediation of electric vehicles is a good thing. It should start with licensing, binding ID cards, safety awareness education, road traffic supervision, etc., so that electric vehicles can know what to do and not to do like motor vehicles, and violate traffic rules. Will be punished due to it. However, the above-mentioned measures are only a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure. If you want to cure the cure, you must start with improving your personal quality. After all, electric vehicles will not run red lights for no reason. The key is that people are on electric vehicles.