How to use children's scooters safely and correctly?

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Toys are an indispensable good partner for children in childhood. Modern children take up a lot of time because of the extremely rich electronic products. More and more children stay at home all day to watch TV, play mobile phones, and play ipads, stifling lively activities. By nature, obesity is getting worse, and our children are becoming increasingly unhealthy.
Based on this phenomenon, children's scooters have become the best partner for children to play outdoors. You can see children playing children's scooters in communities, parks, and shopping malls. Parents know that playing scooters can increase children's exercise, improve physical flexibility, and increase the coordination between the brain and the body, so they are very willing to buy scooters for their children. But the scooter is also a bit "dangerous" playmate. Before letting children play, parents must know how to make children's scooter safely and correctly. Xiaobian will come to help you announce today.
1. Play on a wide, flat road, preferably in an area with fewer pedestrians and no vehicles.
2. Be sure to wear helmets, knee pads and other protective gear when playing electric scooters. Parents should help their children to wear them and adjust them to a comfortable and safe size. Too loose will not provide safety protection, and too tight may harm the children. .
3. Avoid driving to the edge of the sidewalk and try to drive on the inside.
4. Don't let the child drive the scooter alone to fly too far. It is best for parents to follow the child behind, or at least play within the line of sight.
5. Be sure to use the brake device of the scooter when parking, instead of stopping directly with your feet.
How to use children's scooters safely and correctly?
6. Pay attention to the road surface changes in the driving area. Uphill or downhill will slow down or accelerate the scooter, and you may fall if you don't pay attention.
7. Stop and push the electric scooter when crossing the road, don't slide through directly.
8. If you are playing on the sidewalk, parents should teach their children to be courteous to pedestrians, make room for pedestrians to pass, and do not run rampant.
9. After the rain, the road is wet and smooth, especially the manhole cover is very slippery. It is best not to play scooters outdoors in this weather.
10. You must always pay attention to the dynamics of nearby cars, unless you are playing in a place where it is guaranteed that there will be no cars driving at all, you must pay attention to this.
11. Be careful of the electric vehicles around, because they often drive around and may not be on the motorway, and they are likely to accidentally collide.
12. When playing scooters, try to wear brightly colored clothes or reflective jackets for children. This can attract the attention of passing vehicles and passers-by, and it is also a safety guarantee.
The above 12 tips are simple and easy to operate. If parents can do it when they take their children to play on a scooter, it will not only greatly improve the safety factor, let the children get full exercise and pleasure, but also create a way for the surrounding pedestrians and vehicles. A safe environment prevents children from becoming boring bears, and their minds and bodies develop simultaneously.