Electric bicycle management regulations, safe travel

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The new standard adjusts the maximum speed to 25km/h, the vehicle mass (including battery) to be less than 55kg, the motor power to be less than 400W, the battery voltage does not exceed 48V, and it must have the pedal riding function.
Electric bicycles shall, within 30 days from the date of purchase, apply to the traffic management department of the public security organ for registration, submit the vehicle for on-site inspection, and submit the following materials:
Electric vehicle certificate, invoice, personal ID card
For old standard vehicles and those applying for temporary number plates, if the "certificate" or invoice is lost, you can fill in the "E-bike Origin Commitment" when processing, submit the identity certificate, and verify the vehicle or photo before processing.
If the new standard vehicle does not have the "Qualification Certificate" or invoice for the electric bicycle, you can go to the merchant where you purchased the vehicle to reissue the "Qualification Certificate" and invoice.
For electric bicycles with complete application materials, the traffic management department of the public security organ shall register on the spot and issue electric bicycle number plates for free for a period of time; if the application materials are not complete, they shall be notified of the necessary supplementary materials at one time.
After the electric vehicles are listed, the management of electric vehicles has been further standardized to ensure the safety of citizens’ travel and supervise everyone to comply with traffic laws; because after the listing, even if they are lost, they can be retrieved through the registration system of the Traffic Management Bureau to query the owner’s information and contact to retrieve it. 
Electric bicycle management regulations, safe travel
To drive an electric bicycle on the road, the driver should be at least 16 years old and abide by road traffic safety laws and regulations and the following regulations:
(1) Hang the number plate directly under the rear of the vehicle to keep the number plate clear and complete;
(2) When driving in non-motor vehicle lanes, the maximum speed of electric vehicles shall not exceed 15 kilometers per hour; driving on roads without non-motor vehicle lanes, the maximum speed shall not exceed 25 kilometers per hour;
(3) Passing on the sidewalk shall be implemented, and no riding shall be allowed. When there are traffic signs or the traffic police on-site command, they shall pass according to the traffic signs or the traffic police's command;
(4) When the pedestrian crossing is passing by, stop and give way;
(5) Take the initiative to avoid pedestrians when passing intersections or road sections from crosswalks;
(6) When turning, the turn signal should be turned on. If there is no turn signal, it should be turned on the premise of ensuring safety; when driving at night or in low visibility conditions such as fog, haze, rain, etc., the headlights should be turned on.