Is it safe to ride an electric scooter on rainy days?

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It seems that it has been raining heavily in various places recently. For office workers who do not have a private car, traveling by heavy rain is really worse. Public transportation is too congested and crowded, riding electric scooters is too unsafe, and the electric scooters parked outside are extremely difficult. Easy to be flooded.
I saw complaints on the Internet: Why can others ride in the water, but my one breaks when I get into the water?
This phenomenon is real! On the Internet, you may often see some tests on the waterproof performance of electric scooters. The video can not only drive in the water, but even swim in the water, but once a situation falls on you, it will not work. This is again It is how it happened?
This situation is not difficult to understand. The first possibility is that the products shown to you in the video have undergone strict waterproof treatment, from the battery, to the motor, to the controller and other core hardware devices. After treatment, all electrical components are waterproofed, and some are directly sealed with glass glue to prevent water from affecting the accessories in the car. However, it is impossible to control the cost of the electric scooters we buy every day. All waterproof accessories are used, so that we can easily cause a short circuit when we ride in the rain.
Is it safe to ride an electric scooter on rainy days?
The second possibility is that the motor and other components have not been completely damaged after the water has entered, and the short-term riding will not be affected too much. If you will find that after a long time, the electric scooter will still be affected by the water. Will be bad.
Do you know what will happen if the electric scooter accessories get into the water?
Today, we will take you to understand the hazards of water in the accessories.
During daily riding, if the battery, controller, motor, charger, converter, lamp, handlebar and other accessories get into water, it is easy to cause short circuit, fire, malfunction, leakage, etc., which are very important for riding. Dangerous hidden dangers, any convenient means of transportation must focus on personal safety, and avoid losing too much because of small mistakes and regrets.
Finally, I want to remind everyone that during daily riding, try to avoid riding on roads with water or on rainy days. When the electric scooter gets exposed in the rain, it is best not to charge it immediately. Be sure to wait for the car to be ventilated. Dry the place before charging, otherwise it will be easy to short-circuit, cause spontaneous combustion, and cause personal safety hazards.