What are the advantages of the electric scooter designed by PXID?

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On the way to work, it is common for office workers to use electric scooters to travel. Because the electric scooter is light, portable, and sturdy, it has won everyone's praise. The electric scooter designed by PXID solves the troubles of short-distance travel and saves everyone's precious time. Electric scooters rely on electricity to move forward, and they can also use their feet to push and slide to make various fancy changes. The following is an analysis of the advantages of PXID's electric scooters.
1. Lightweight, portable and sturdy
The electric scooter developed and produced by PXID uses aluminum alloy as the main frame of the body, which makes the electric scooter light, portable, and strong. You can lift it up and easily put it in the trunk of the car, or take it on the subway or bus.
2. Glide easily and last for a long time
The Samsung lithium battery can last for a long time and improve your travel efficiency.
3. Fashionable appearance, unobstructed
What are the advantages of the electric scooter designed by PXID?
PXID's design has a strong design team, which can meet the needs of the market and customers to the greatest extent in terms of appearance design and structural design. As long as you have this idea, PXID can help you achieve it in one step. The appearance is not only fashionable, but also the performance is absolutely strong. It can easily adapt to the road surface and is easy to operate. It is easy to start at any time, and it is also like walking on the ground.
4. Small body, big power
Using a 300W brushless sensory hub motor, the high configuration makes the electric scooter strong, reliable, stable, and low noise. The general uphill and small obstacles can also be easily passed.
5. Stable braking
While bringing us convenience, we should pay more attention to safety issues. Most of PXID's electric scooters use disc brakes and electronic brakes with dual brake systems, which have superior braking performance and speed up riding safety.
What are the advantages of electric scooters? In general, it is stylish and compact, and can be folded to take the bus or subway, or put in a car. Riding an electric scooter is a good means of transportation whether you are strolling around your home or going outside.