How much space is there for the development of electric bicycles?

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In 2020, electric vehicles will usher in the spring of the industry. Data surveys show that in the first half of the year, the cumulative revenue from the main business of electric vehicle companies increased by 8.2% year-on-year, and profits increased by 20.8% year-on-year. The sales of electric bicycles showed a rapid growth trend. More and more people choose to buy electric bicycles, which have become a new way for residents to travel.
However, with the implementation of the new national standard and the impact of the epidemic, changes in the pattern of the electric vehicle industry have accelerated, and the Matthew effect has become increasingly obvious. The electric vehicle market is gradually shifting from a "price-based" to a "product-based". Consumers' expectations for electric vehicles are no longer just cheap and cost-effective, but there is a strong demand for more durable, more beautiful, and more convenient high-end products.
The game between tradition and innovation
Currently, electric vehicle brands are divided into two factions. Traditional brands headed by Yadi and Emma are mainly engaged in price wars. They have large output and many stores, and they seize market share with small profits but quicker sales. Emerging brands such as Mavericks, No. 9 and Moring start from two aspects of business models and products. In marketing, they actively embrace Internet thinking, adopting brand communication methods such as fan operation and content marketing. In terms of products, they fill up market gaps by taking high-end routes. 
How much space is there for the development of electric bicycles?
However, with the "new car-building forces" represented by Mavericks and Moring, the traditional price war model has gradually been impacted and changed. Based on products, these cutting-edge brands have launched a series of high-value, high-practical mid-to-high-end products, which quickly attracted the attention of young consumers. At the same time, the new offline community, online promotion and other sales models have exposed the drawbacks of traditional price wars. Consumers no longer only pay attention to price levels when buying electric bicycles. They have begun to pay attention to brands. These young brands , Attracting a large number of in-depth users, while gaining high sales, it also creates a unique riding culture, giving the brand a higher cultural value.
These new forces have played a very good catfish effect on the development of the electric vehicle market. Under their influence, leading electric bicycle brands including Yadi began to develop their own new products and paid more attention to product design.
The most attractive thing is the design. The R&D team is a robust team full of vitality, insight into R&D, and proficient in industrial design. The founder Lan Liang graduated from the top university Central Academy of Fine Arts and participated in the design of the medals for the Beijing Olympics. Zhang Guanqun’s little black man drone has won many international awards including the Red Dot Award. In this era of pursuing uniqueness and new products, having a good design blessing can undoubtedly make the product even more powerful and irreplaceable.
In the new field of travel, the electric vehicle market has regained its momentum. After changing the chaos of the past, major brands have developed new products. As an emerging brand backed by giants, it has the stable technical support of traditional enterprises and the Internet thinking of emerging enterprises. At the same time, it has sufficient experience in industrial design. Combining the advantages of new and old, it can be said to have the first opportunity and full advantage in the future competition in the electric vehicle market.