What is your ideal electric scooter?

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In the era of green sharing, electric scooters have an unshakable position. In the face of various electric scooters on the market, how to choose a suitable one? What does your ideal electric scooter look like?
To have a stylish electric scooter, to be able to ride comfortably, and to have economical and practical endurance performance, PXID scooter design company, after sorting out a large amount of market data, launched the "experience is king" electric scooter.
Urban scooter, as a popular street travel equipment nowadays, has many advantages such as easy to use, foldable and easy to carry, and cool riding. So, in the scooter market with a wide range of products, what is the electric scooter launched by PXID? Will it be your ideal appearance.
Want a stylish and exquisite appearance
PXID Industrial Design Company has a strong design and development team, no matter which design, it will give you a different visual sense. The built-in cable routing design is stylish, sophisticated and full of harmonious beauty. The design is not only the appearance, but also the ingenuity and ingenuity from the outside to the inside.
What is your ideal electric scooter?
Ride comfortably
It is understood that many similar electric scooter products have a very small standing area for riding and pedaling, which makes users have to maintain a riding posture with one foot in front of one foot, and it will be very uncomfortable to maintain this posture for a long time. With this in mind, PXID has made a widened pedal design, and the pedals used are all high-quality and comfortable. When riding, it can ensure that the user is in a more comfortable riding posture.
Economical and practical battery life
Through a large number of data investigations, when most people use electric scooters, their main travel radius is about 10km, and the market is flooded with a large number of high-priced, high-endurance scooters. In fact, this has led to many users for their own sake. No need to pay for performance. The long battery life is 20km, which can meet the daily needs of normal users. Of course, if you find that this battery life is not enough for your use through use, then you can also purchase a dedicated spare battery pack to upgrade. This is because the battery is a pluggable and replaceable design. When a set of batteries is exhausted, you can easily spend a few seconds to replace the new battery and continue riding.
Therefore, after fulfilling the requirements, it is our responsibility to bring people a good travel experience, and the electric scooter was born, hoping to make everyone's life better and more convenient.