Electric scooters-the gospel of urban mobility

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Urban life is fast-paced, people are shuttled among the crowds, rushing back and forth between work and home all day long, exhausted. The advent of scooters has brought the gospel of urban mobility for office workers.
Have you ever seen a car with a handlebar, a pedal, and two wheels? It is called an electric scooter.
The benefit of riding an electric scooter to work can be said to be a huge increase in the "return rate". Riding a balance bike on the road always attracts the attention of pedestrians, and even the traffic police coordinator is dumbfounded.
Electric scooters-the gospel of urban mobility
Mr. Wang, a traveling pedestrian, is very interested in this kind of electric scooter. "When I was on business in the United States, I saw foreigners riding electric scooters at scenic spots. I was on a business trip in Ningbo a while ago and I saw a policeman riding this kind of vehicle on patrol." Recently, Mr. Wang was not far from home. In the small square, he saw children riding electric scooters. Now, he also wants to buy an electric scooter to facilitate his commute to get off work and make his wife lighter. He can ride the scooter to the vegetable market to buy food.
Ms. Zhao also said that riding electric scooters to work is indeed free, not crowded, and there is no need to go to crowded subways or buses. The whole person is in a good mood. Apart from leisure and entertainment, the shoulders, spine, legs, limbs, feet, and wrists can be fully exercised to enhance physical flexibility and skill. To be more noble, it can also contribute to the national environmental protection.
Do you really admire those who ride electric scooters to work? Not because they are green, but because they really love cycling from the heart and are in awe. They use their actions to prove that cycling is the best way to travel.