How to choose an electric bicycle correctly?

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As the most common means of transportation in people's lives, electric bikes are favored by the masses for their convenience, lightness, cheapness, and pollution-free advantages. At the same time, they have also become a daily essential tool for employees in industries such as food delivery and express delivery.
However, due to illegal assembly and modification, improper parking and charging, and poor safety awareness, fire accidents occur frequently, which brings hidden fire hazards to urban safety. In order to purchase and use electric bicycles more safely and conveniently, the editor is responsible for consumers. The reminder is as follows.
How do consumers buy electric bicycles correctly?
First, look for the 3C logo. Electric bicycles are products that are included in my country's compulsory product certification catalog. Consumers should carefully check whether the vehicle has the 3C mark during the purchase process, and do not buy products with unclear or no 3C mark.
Second, compare the vehicle information. Read the manual carefully, scan the QR code on the vehicle certificate and compare the information with the actual vehicle. The key point is to check whether the key components such as the battery and charger are consistent with the CCC certificate and certificate information; carefully check the vehicle condition and supporting equipment Whether the accessories, charger, etc. are complete.
Third, we must purchase through formal channels. Choose merchants with complete licenses, high market credibility, and stable business conditions for consumption, and try to choose brands with good market reputation and high pass rate of spot checks; if you buy online, try to buy at brand flagship stores on formal e-commerce platforms. When buying a car, be sure to ask for valid bills and keep them properly. Try to choose a dealer with good after-sales service and a fixed special maintenance department for after-sales, and keep a written maintenance record.
Precautions for consumers to use electric bicycles
How to choose an electric bicycle correctly?
One is the precautions for battery use. The batteries currently used in the market are mainly lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries. Unqualified lithium batteries are more likely to explode and catch fire when they are squeezed, punctured, and high temperature. Although qualified lithium batteries are generally safe, they still have a small probability of self-explosion, like the self-explosive tempered glass in the bathroom discussed in the previous stage. Compared with lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries are less prone to extreme accidents such as fire and explosion, but the disadvantages are bulkiness and small capacity. Therefore, is it a long-life lithium battery or a safer lead-acid battery? Consumers need to make a rational choice.
In addition to purchasing regular and qualified batteries, consumers should also pay attention to safe charging. You should not pull wires privately and charge indoors or corridors. Instead, you should charge them centrally in a safe charging place with special care or short-circuit protection, automatic alarm and other functions. The vehicle should be charged according to the recommended time in the manual to avoid excessive charging time, in principle, it should not exceed 10 hours.
Second, the battery voltage must comply with national standards. The current "Safety Technical Specifications for Electric Bicycles" (GB 17761-2018) stipulates that the nominal voltage of the battery should not be greater than 48V. In real life, users often modify batteries higher than 48V in pursuit of fast running and long battery life. The 9 electric bicycle fire accidents that have caused deaths in this city this year are all related to the modification and installation of batteries. According to regulations, replacing a battery larger than 48V is an act of installation or modification, and driving an electric bicycle installed or modified on the road is a road traffic violation and will be punished by the public security organs in accordance with regulations.
The third is the use and maintenance of electric bicycles and parts. The national standard for electric bicycles does not stipulate the service life, but consumers should pay attention to the condition of the vehicle and check the status of the whole vehicle and parts regularly. If the battery is found to be swollen or the wire is aging, it should be replaced in time. It is recommended to do it at a professional maintenance point every six months to a year. Inspection of. Under normal circumstances, the service life of ordinary batteries is 1-2 years and should be replaced regularly.
The fourth is the use of the charger. As long as the electric bicycle charger is fast and low in price, it can be equipped with one at random? of course not. Consumers should use original chargers or chargers of the same specifications that match the battery voltage and other parameters. Never mix chargers of different models. Chargers that do not match the battery parameters may cause fire hazards even if the quality is qualified. .