The competition of electric scooters has escalated to a service war

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Recently, the promotion war in the scooter industry has continued to be staged day-to-day. In recent years, with the rise of e-commerce platforms, major brands have opened up various promotional activities and various promotional methods have taken turns, but most of the promotional methods are still making fuss on the price, which has caused a round. Another round of price wars.
Dealer's marketing goal is locked in price
In recent years, the domestic industry has developed rapidly, but with the rapid and prosperous development of the industry, there are also fierce competition in the industry and the intensification of the survival of the fittest in the market. Therefore, in order to obtain better sales and a larger market share, dealers have Lock the marketing target on the price. Who doesn't like products with high quality and low price? Therefore, many electric scooter manufacturers and distributors advocate price wars, believing that it can attract consumers more. Although the price war has driven a lot of sales, for dealers, the price war is not on the way, and it is not a good way to solve the long-term development of dealers.
Competition has escalated from ordinary price wars to service wars
The competition of electric scooters has escalated to a service war
With the fierce competition in the scooter market and the continuous improvement of consumer quality, the industry is experiencing a gradual development of quality, brand, and service. It is unlikely that the market share will be further expanded by relying solely on traditional sales channels. In the arena of the auto industry, heroes are not based on price. If you want to achieve good development, you must continue to innovate and change, implement the transformation of marketing methods to adapt to the market, and the competition has also escalated from ordinary price wars to service wars.
Although the various festivals or man-made festivals each year are the golden period for dealers to promote sales to increase sales and expand their influence, the marketing focus of dealers is not here, so dealers cannot focus on marketing and hope for development. Relying on promotional activities, after all, it is not feasible to occupy the electric scooter market only by price wars. For the current dealers, what needs to be done is to understand the needs of consumers. For consumers, what consumers value is the quality, service, design, and even the added value of the product behind the product. Promotional methods that rely solely on price wars will gradually not be accepted by consumers and will eventually be eliminated by the market.
In general, when the promotion of the scooter market becomes normal, dealers should not only hope for the price war if they want to win the promotion battle in this industry, because the current electric scooter industry is early The age of heroes by price has passed!