How many incurable diseases of electric bicycle batteries have you encountered?

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What are the standards for high-quality chargers?
There are many indicators for judging whether a charger is of high quality, such as the quality of the materials used, the relevant parameters of the charger, whether it has a temperature control function, and so on. It is recommended to conduct comprehensive consideration and comprehensive evaluation, and give priority to choosing large-brand compliant charger products.
The battery is changed frequently, and the battery that I just bought runs out of power after 35 kilometers?
You can’t run far after changing multiple sets of batteries. Other factors can be properly considered, such as the power consumption of the electric bicycle, the current and voltage limits of the controller, the charging effect of the charger, and the road conditions and load during riding. and many more. If you have any questions about the battery, it is recommended to check the battery at the point of purchase or the official after-sales outlet of the battery manufacturer.
Why does the charger show that it is full, but the actual battery power is insufficient?
There are many factors that cause this phenomenon, such as whether the charger is fully charged, whether the car instrument display is normal, whether the driving current of the car is too large, and so on. It is recommended to check the battery at the point of purchase or the official after-sales outlet of the battery manufacturer to determine whether there is a problem with the battery capacity.
Why is the indicator light green when charging, and the electric vehicle shows no electricity?
In this case, the following situations may occur:
1. The battery has an open circuit fault and cannot be charged normally. At this time, the electric vehicle will not respond (if the electric vehicle can still ride, it does not belong to this type of fault);
2. The charger is malfunctioning, such as the charger has no voltage output, this situation needs to be tested at a professional maintenance point;
How many incurable diseases of electric bicycle batteries have you encountered?
3. Failure of the charging circuit, such as disconnection, causes the circuit to fail to form a path during charging.
Will the battery be negatively affected if the electric vehicle is soaked in the rain for a long time during the rainy day?
In this case, the battery will definitely be affected: on the one hand, the entire vehicle line is damp and rusty, which causes the resistance to increase, increases the operating current of the electric vehicle, shortens the battery discharge time, and causes insufficient mileage; on the other hand, the battery box enters Water corrodes the battery poles and shortens the service life of the battery.
How to charge a new electric bike reasonably
It is recommended to charge the battery after using 50%-70%, so as to avoid the battery voltage difference caused by over-discharge. The charging time should be controlled within 4-12 hours, and the charging time in summer should be shortened accordingly. Generally, the charger can continue to float for 1-2 hours after turning the green light, and it is not allowed to charge for a long time. The battery should be deeply discharged every two months to prevent the battery power from depositing and affecting the battery capacity.
Can I refill the battery by myself after two years of use?
Some batteries are sealed and maintenance-free, and whether the battery is removed privately outside of the three packs, whether it will cause a safety hazard. Many private exchanges on the Internet are for the purpose of not wanting to replace the new battery and repair it. Here is a reminder: please Do not disassemble the battery and add liquid without permission. It is recommended to find professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair.
The above are some of the questions selected by the editor. I hope to give you professional answers! At the same time, the editor wants to tell you that any battery can only be durable if it is used correctly!